The trouble with Isen
Stupid kids!

On Fall evening in Talic saw Abraham and Justin closing out the evening with three regulars Derrin, Bree, and Sed at the bar. A young Isen burst through the door looking for a place to hide. He recognized Corporal Justin from his time in the Company and asked for help. Abraham agreed to hide Isen in the cellar. Lieutenant Mavis of House Anasazi soon came into the bar looking for a young man who had stolen from House Anasazi and offered substantial award. Abraham convinced her no such person came through. The two smuggled Isen to his contact at a dyer’s shop in the guise of Tiffani’s dress. His Rebel contact was an old man in his pajamas who was considering double crossing them. Abraham and Justin intimidated the men into giving the intended reward and promptly left and returned to the bar.

Isen hid in the cellar for 3 days while Abraham reached out to his underground contacts. Nareem met with Abraham and informed him of a caravan master who won’t ask questions about Isen’s Indebted status but won’t defend him either. The other option is a rogue Artificer Tem who may be able to remove the Indebted tattoo.


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