Great Houses

There are 7 major Houses in Talic, and they fight a continuous battle behind the scenes for dominance. They each control a major part of life in Talic. The balance of power is tenuously maintained so the city can run. If the houses were ever to go to war with each other, Talic would grind to a halt and thousands would die to fighting, famine, and thirst.

The Great Houses are not strictly blood based, that is to say not everyone in a House is related by blood. In the beginning, that was the case, however over the millenia they have all expanded and bring in outsiders who show promise. The Great Houses are more similar to guilds or large businesses. Some Houses have more non-family members than others.

The Houses are as follows:

House Veren – Water Collection and Sales

House Terenor – Foodstuffs Import

House Maudeen – Construction and Maintenance

House Tyr – Basic goods (clothes, furniture, animals, etc)

House Ryaak – Transportation and Trade Export

House Anasazi – War Production (weapons, armor, horses, knowledge)

House Jade – Luxury Goods (wines, jewelry, perfumes, etc)

Great Houses

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