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Welcome my friend to the city of Talic, the greatest city in the world!

Let me tell you a bit about where I call home. Talic is the largest city in the World. It holds over 1 million accounted for residents, and likely twice that in the wretch that call the alleys and tunnels their home. The city has existed in name for over three millenniums. However the city and streets that you see here today is not the same one that stood 3000 years ago, likely it’s not even the same one that stood a few centuries ago. The reason is, my friends, Talic is a sinking city, every day, even every hour, the ground beneath us sinks a tiny bit, and over time portions of the city sinks far enough to fall below the surface. The city sinks fast enough that getting your home built over is actually a concern. The average for a full tier sink is 48 years plus change. There are buildings that are said to extend hundreds if not thousands of feet underground. Only the top three or four tiers are generally inhabited, any deeper than that risks collapse. The tiers aren’t build with concern about what’s underneath it. Often lower tiers become entirely sealed off by accident when the only path up is built over with a building or road. Sunlight is almost a privilege in here, as only those on the top tier and some on the second tier get regular sunshine. It is very easy to tell where a person lives by their tone of their skin. Where will you be living friend?

The reason Talic is so large is we are standing over the greatest deposit of Lumite in history, and is to this day still producing a large percentage of the world’s Lumite. If you’re a miner by trade, this is the place to be. If you’re looking for other work, this is probably still the place to be. The city has always been and still is a mining focused place, however over time related industries have moved in and today we are booming with every possible thing you could ever want.

Still here I see, what you’d like to know?


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