The people of Talic are the struggling masses of humanity. Some are rich, some are healthy, but most are poor and sickly. Talic has four classes of people: Citizens, Holders, Laborers, and the Indebted.

Citizens are the highest ranked Talians. They are nobles generally born into their status. Citizens receive the largest water ration, enough for three people to survive. They have automatic seats in the Citizen Council, a minor governing body that advises the Ten Kings and elects successors to the Kings if needed. The majority of the Citizens in Talic are from the Great Houses. They are powerful politically and financially. Citizen status can only be granted by the Ten Kings for anyone not of the blood.

Holders are residents of Talic who hold a Writ of Speech. The writ is a document that allows the holder of the writ to petition the Citizen Council. A Holder cannot directly petition the Kings. Holder status also provides increased water ration and legal rights. Holders are generally people of wealth but not blood. They are business owner, merchants, military leaders, caravan masters, and others whose wealth generally does not come from manual labor. Holder status can be bought for a substantial sum.

Laborers are the miners, cooks, weavers, soldiers, anyone whose living is earned though laboring with their hands. Laborers make up 70% of the population of Talic. They do the work that keeps the city running and the people alive. They are given the minimum water ration, which is just enough with strenuous effort, but the nature of their lives means they will need to buy rations. Laborers have a few rights under the laws, mostly pertaining to having a job and a home.

The Indebted, more commonly known as slaves, are the bottom rank of the social ladder in Talic. Direct slavery is not allowed in Talic by the Church of Alihan, however the Indebted are not slaves in the sense the individual are not owned, but they owe some kind of debt of service to another person or organization. Indebted are typically poor people who sold their service for food and water, captured soldiers of wars who owe a debt of reparation, or people who have had their service traded for money. The Indebted are generally house servants, stable hands, cleaners, prostitutes, and other undesirable jobs. The irony of the situation is Indebted receive a larger water ration than Laborers. The owners of the debt are usually interested in keeping their charges alive and functioning. Many people trade their freedom for a sure source of food and home. The Indebted have almost no rights themselves. Any rights that may be attributed to them are due to their nature of owning service to another, and thus harm to an Indebted would require the assailant to compensate the owner.

The two predominant race of people that have diverged from standard humans are the Dras and the Firans. The divergence has occurred over a relatively short span of a few thousand years, all caused by the dangerous light given off by the Beast.


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